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September 06, 2015 - 07:43 PM

  06/Sept/2015 Some excellent fishing over the last few days on the Skerries Banks we have been Spot on with the rays as evidenced with the photos and also hitting the plaice with a smattering of Gurnards and Dogfish but it's been the rays that have provided the sport all returned to fight another day. Our local tackle shop owner Graham managed a decent Blonde earlier in the week and the Skipper although confessing to not really trying was Spot on with an 11lb Blonde ray followed by another and an Undulate Ray (sorry no photo) and yet another Blonde on the surface before the trace snapped. The Wrecks are still a bit quiet but with some spectacular fishing on the Banks we are certainly bringing the fish aboard and keeping the customers happy and thanks for the text's "Thank you for your boat trip today. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience on your friendly boat. Will definitely book again. Cheers" We have more trips planned, we would love to welcome you aboard to enjoy some 'spot on' fishing with a knowledgeable crew.
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August 21, 2015 - 02:20 PM

  You can now follow and like us or just be a friend on Face book search for Optimist Charters
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August 16, 2015 - 02:35 PM

  15-08-15 Another fantastic session on the Skerries Bank with more than enough plaice many released to come back another day, also Ray Spotted's up to 4lb 11oz and a Blonde to the boat estimated at between 15-20lb as it bit the trace just as we were lifting it, also Gurnards (Red and Tub), Launce, Mackerel.

Also now Pelagic Bird watching trips see our other website www.optimistcharters.co.uk Many Shearwaters, Manx and Balearic, seen as well as Gannets, Terns, Guillemots, Razorbills, Gulls of many types and Common Dolphin and Harbour Porpoise. All seen on the last two trips with our experienced guide.
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August 09, 2015 - 06:47 PM

  Lovely three days on the Skerries Bank with lots of fish, species included Plaice, Dab, Launce, Mackerel, Red Gurnard, Grey Gurnard, Silver Whiting, Lesser Spotted Dogfish, Spotted Ray, Small Eyed Ray. The variety of fish and the sport provided some really good fishing with the banks producing the best fish at the moment. More trips planned in the coming weeks with the promise of some good fishing
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July 14, 2015 - 07:36 PM

  Sorry folks that I am a bit sporadic with updates on what Optimist has been up to this year but things have been a bit hectic on the home front. Anyhow here's a resume of what's been fishing: - several trips to the Skerries this year have produced some very nice fish with Plaice up to 3lb and the usual mix of Gurnards, Whiting and mackerel even the appearance of the odd Cod over the dips, there has been some very good fishing on the bank this year so far depending on what is being targeted. Half days have mainly been on the inshore wrecks with a large amount of Pouting and a handful of Pollack up to about 6lb and some very good sized Whiting but on the whole not as productive as the Skerries but certainly some good sport. Mackerel as yet have been few and although catches have been reported from the shore we have been struggling from the boat.
Having already apologised for lack of reports I thought as we spent 3 days in Alderney last week I had better write an update. A good trip across to Alderney via the SW Casquets Bank where we had some good sized Turbot and Brill with some Tope reaching the surface only to snap the anglers trace as it was not strong enough the biggest Turbot of the day was sadly lost due to crossed lines and braid severing the trace. Day 2 filled up with bait fish just outside Braye harbour even a small Bass put in an appearance on feathers it was then of to the Banc de la Schole with some good Turbot and Brill and even managing to boat a small Tope there was also a mix of Gurnards and Mackerel, returning to a mark outside the harbour there was some very large Scad and Mackerel. Day 3 brought NW winds of force 4 - 5 some fishing was not good but tucked up in the SSE Casquets bank proved very unproductive with just a handful of Gurnards the sounder showed why as the bottom was very stirred up and the next day we found out a pair of French trawlers had been down the bank the night before cleaning it of Fish. Homeward bound was a bit of ...
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December 18, 2014 - 10:48 AM

  It's December and there is still some good fishing on the days between the Blows, this week we managed a few hours on a couple of Marks within spitting distance of the shore first drifting over them before putting the hook down we had been targeting Codling but were rewarded with some very nice Whiting the majority of which were returned to the depths whist a few were kept for the pot. we also managed a few Rays mainly Thornbacks but a undulate put in an appearance at the surface before line snapped (it was light tackle) and away it went. Dogfish put in a brief appearance but were very small. Good days fishing was had by all and the picture in the gallery shows the skipper does catch even if only Baby Thornback Ray duly returned after the picture to find its Mummy and Daddy.
Don't forget Optimist is afloat and available throughout the winter season Weather permitting of course and a Merry Christmas and Tight Lines for 2015 to all our Anglers.
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September 29, 2014 - 09:20 AM

  Trips over the last few weeks have consisted of mainly half days to the local inshore wrecks where anchoring over the wrecks has proved to be more successful this year than drifting across the wrecks. We have had a variety of species come aboard if you can get through the masses of Pouting there have been Pollack, Silver Whiting, Some large Scad, Bass, and some very large Mackerel. This weekend we had four guys down from Burnley who fancied a run out to the Skerries for some Flatties. Some really good drifts down the seaward edge of the bank produced some good Plaice and large red Gurnards but with two rods out each and one baited up for Ray and Turbot I would have expected to see a couple of these aboard but it was not to be, we still had a good day on the Plaice with one member of the group catching his first ever Flattie. Optimist is staying afloat throughout the winter in the hope that unlike last winter we can get a few days good fishing in, Give us a call to see what's available weather permitting.
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August 26, 2014 - 12:21 PM

  20th, 23rd and 24th August 2014
A few good trips this week, first off a half day reef fishing, but not a lot there so moved to an inshore wreck where a good amount of fish Pollack, Pouting and Whiting were brought aboard, with everyone having had some good sport. The 23rd found us with Father and 2 sons fishing a wreck about 10 miles out again Plenty of Pouting with Pollack and Whiting mainly on strips of Mackerel, lunchtime found the wind force increasing so a move to an inshore reef was favoured with catches including Bull Huss, Lesser Spotted Dogfish and Conger Eel being boated and returned. The day ended with a drift for Mackerel. The 24th was a half day with a family group introducing the youngsters to fishing. Anchoring over an inshore wreck proved a good move as we had a variety of species and some good fishing with the youngsters catching well, Species included: - Mackerel, Lesser Spotted Dogfish, Pouting, Silver Whiting, Red Gurnard, Small Pollack, and Thornback Ray. Everyone had a good time and caught fish returning to Port vowing to return
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August 09, 2014 - 11:59 AM

  03 August 2014 to 08 August 2014
Well what a week's fishing we have had off to the Skerries at the start of the week with a group from London and some fantastic Rag worm from a new supplier, the days bag included Plenty of Plaice, Gurnard's, Blonde Ray along with Mackerel and a few small Whiting. A happy group returned to London with memories of a good day out.
For the rest of the week we have had a group from Morecombe who we wanted to give a bit of variety to so for day one it was off back to the Skerries for some more Plaice this time up to 4lb with a few other species making up a good days fishing. The following day was called off due to the weather but plans were made for the rest of the week.
Time to target the Wrecks and first off it was the 10 to 20 mile out wrecks that although producing fish were only catching Pollack and Pouting the surprise catch in amongst the day's fishing was a lovely 2lb Red Gurnard. Some good fishing but not what we would be expecting from these wrecks at this time of year.
Next day was planned as a long one out to a large mid channel wreck expecting to find some good sized Cod and Pollack, first drift looked good producing several small Codling and Pollack the wreck showing well beneath us with the electronics showing plenty of fish but the rest of the drifts although producing fish did not bring anything of size to the surface, we still managed a good species count with Pouting and Mackerel and some 2lb to 3lb Whiting. A long way to go for fish and not what should have been there.
The final day and for variety we anchored on a local reef with good sized mackerel fillets as bait we sat and waited for the action, one of the group having purchased a new rod before setting off he wanted to christen it and what a way do it with a large Conger in excess of 25lb, at the same time another member of the group boated a 4and half pound Bull Huss, the action continued with another 6lb conger coming aboard and rounding off the day wer...
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May 18, 2014 - 09:53 AM

  Sat 17th May a late all day booking from the guys from Chepstow, an early start meant a distance mid channel wreck. First wreck the fish weren't feeding so a move of a couple of miles put us on a wreck that first drop pulled up a 4lb 5oz Pollack and continued to produce with some nice Pollack and Cod up to 8lb with pouting and whiting also being caught. This continued through the ebb and slack water to the start of the flood when the fish seemed to go off the feed it was time for a change of wreck but with the spring flood the fish, although showing on the electronics, did not seem to want to take a variety of lures and bait offered to them.
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