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August 03, 2017 - 12:30 PM

Nigel Skipper of Optimist has now been accredited by the SSACN as a bonafide tagger of Elasmobranchs, (Sharks and Rays). We will therefore start to offer Sharking trips for a maximum of 4 persons and depending on Chum availability (the mackerel have been pretty scarce this year). If you fancy a day of Shark fishing on a catch, photo, Tag and release basis then please call for details. Nigel as far as he is aware is the only Tagger based in Brixham. We look forward to some Awesome fishing and being part of a national Elasmobranch research program. We will as part of the program continue to target Ray and Bull Huss and Hounds on our usual trips to the Banks and reefs.

The wrecks at the moment are inconsistent sometimes producing some good Pollack along with the inevitable Pouting, there have been some good days and some bad days during July as we never know whether the wreck has been netted the night before, but as always we try our best to put groups on the fish, the Pollack seem to be taking on the drop and care has to be taken not to get snagged up in the wreck as a few of regulars have found out.

The banks are fishing much better and we have seen some lovely plaice, Ray, Turbot and Brill even Bass although mainly undersize all on the drift which seems to work better than at anchor. On particularly bad weather / wind days we have targeted an inshore reef tucked in behind a headland at anchor we have seen some good Bull Huss along with Thornback Ray and Conger .

With the summer the way it has been we are doing our best not to have to cancel but with winds of force 5 and 6 it is not that comfortable.

Spaces still available for August and September call for details

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